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Our DMC has a wide selection of hotels at each resort we operate. Every selected hotel has been choosen and offered to our partners where we’ve had the experiences based on our the guests’ satisfaction throughout the long years. Our partners’ common buying power enables us to make intensive contracts on allotment or commitment basis and those portfolio of hotels can make your Company a competetive one

We pay a great attention to tourism technology and invest for future, our B2B ONLINE booking engine or XML entegrations is another big plus why we are preferred.


Istanbul historically also known as Byzantium and Constantinopole is the most populous city in Turkey and fifth largest city proper in the world with a population over 15 million. Istanbul is a metropolis and the cultural and financial centre of Turkey. It is located on the
Bosphorus Strait and encompasses the natural harbor known as the Golden Horn, in the northwest of the country. It extends both on the European (Thrace) and on the Asian (Anatolia) sides of the Bosphorus, and is thereby the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents. The city was chosen as the European Capital of Culture for
2010. The city has also been nicknamed "The City on Seven Hills" because the historic peninsula (the oldest part of the city) was built on seven hills, also represented with seven mosques, one at the top of each hill.
Throughout history, Istanbul has been home to countless societies and cultures. Yet this “beautiful harmony”, which is embedded in the city’s foundations and entwined in the branches of its family tree, is not just a pleasant memento from a bygone era. Istanbul still retains its rich
cosmopolitan character, sometimes concealing and sometimes revealing the evidence of its unrivalled physical and cultural legacy. The city is a living example of the much sought-after meeting of civilisations,
something so desperately missing in the modern world that the search for it seems almost utopian.
Situated on coastal cliffs, Antalya is surrounded by great mountains, turquoise blue sea and is the capital city of Antalya Province. According to tradition, in the 2nd century BC, the Pergamum king Attalos II
ordered to his men to find "heaven on earth". After an extensive search, they discovered the region of Antalya. King Attalos rebuilt the city, giving it the name "Attaleia” which later became Adalia and then
Antalya. Antalya is an attractive city with shady palm- lined boulevards and a prize-winning marina. In the picturesque old quarter, Kaleici, narrow winding streets and old wooden houses abut the ancient city
walls. There are a large amount of mosques, churches, madrasahs, masjids, hans and hamams in the city. The combination of the sun, waterfalls, deep blue sea, the mountain covered with trees cannot be seen easily all together every where. The
region around Antalya offers sights of astonishing natural beauty as well as awesome historical remains. There are many ancient cities around Antalya such as ; Aspendos, Perge, Phaselis and Termessos are some of the closest ones to the city centre
Other than these historic places, Antalya is also famous for its beaches like Konyaaltı and Lara. Antalya has a reputation as a city of waterfalls. Düden, Manavgat and Kurşunlu waterfalls are major attractions for both local and foreign tourists. The symbol of the city is Yivli Minare (Fluted Minaret).
Kemer is an ideal choice for your summer travel to Turkey: completed infrastructure, easy and organized transportation, modern facilities, all utilities of communication and well working Municipality. One of the major attractions of Kemer is its natural
beauty: sea, (Taurus) Mountains and pine forest combine in harmony. It boasts a lovely marina with a promenade down to the beach, and tastefully designed hotels and houses spread along the shore, and there are many bays and coves to explore.
This scenic Mediterranean coastline serves as a strategic point for visiting many other historically important places and offers a vacation loaded with modern luxury and style. Kemer is an excellent base for exploring the ancient city of Olympos.
Although very little of the city remains it is well-known for its "eternal flame" where burning methane gas escapes from deep underground. In ancient times this natural phenomenon gave rise to the Greek legend of the Chimaera, a fire- breathing creature said to live in the area. Today, Kemer is known internationally and has a very important place in tourism. It is about 40 mins drive from Antalya International Airport.
Lara is a district of Antalya city. Its famous beach, Lara beach, is one of the longest sand beaches in Turkey. Lara is the home to many themed 5 to 7 star hotels, mainly in the Kundu area. Most of the hotels are replicas of
famous places around the world (for example Topkapi Palace, Venice, Kremlin) which has led to the area being nicknamed "Las Vegas in Turkey". Lara has become popular for its crystal clear water just 10 years ago and developed very fast with tourism.
Today, Lara region is one of the most popular touristic areas in Turkey with fascinating sandy beach and crystal clear water. Holidays in Lara Beach certainly give the opportunity to make the most of the sun and
sand formula and also classic sea, with a touch of luxury, modern, sightseeing and sizzling nightlife thrown in.
The town is divided east–west by a rocky peninsula, which is the distinctive feature of the city. The harbour, city center are on the east side of the peninsula. Damlataş Beach, named for the famous "dripping
caves", and Cleopatra Beach are to the west. The name Cleopatra Beach possibly derives from either the Ptolemaic princess visit here or the area's inclusion in her dowry from Mark Antony. Atatürk Bulvarı,
the main boulevard, runs parallel to the sea, and divides the southern, much more touristic side of Alanya from the northern, more native side, that extends north into the mountains. High above the city is the
old castle. It is located approximately 250 metres above sea level and offers breathtaking views. A 6km town wall with 140 watch towers winds around the castle. Today the building is an open air museum At the
waterfront there are plenty of friendly bars, tea-houses, cafes and restaurants with an excellent range of international and traditional cuisine. The nightlife is easy-going and relaxed with a wide choice of night-
spots located at the edge of town. One another nice part of town is the green banana tree farms.
Side (means pomegranate), is a beautiful coastal resort on the Mediterranean. It is located on a small peninsula only 800m in length. This pretty town has quite modern architecture, chic shops and late night bars
with the ruins of an ancient city. Flanked by two stretches of golden beach, surrounded by the sparkling waters of Mediterranean on both sides and bestowed with the endless archeological wonders - Side
has aptly prospered as one of the most popular resorts for holidaymakers from across the globe. Earlier, the region served as a slave market, which traded in African slaves and as a hideout for pirates! This was
because its long sandy beaches were perfect hideouts for pirates and slave traders. However, later it also flourished as a legitimate commercial center. Culturally too, the region
was quite progressive and till date the ancient amphitheater, the temples of Gods and Goddesses, the Roman baths and various archeological findings bear the proof
of that.
Belek is a modern and purpose built beach and golf resort just 20 minutes away from the airport, within easy reach to all tourist attraction areas. With impressive and luxurious hotels, spas and numerous world
class championship golf courses, Belek is known as excellent holiday district. The ancient and the modern co-exist to give Belek a unique flavor. The ancient Aspendos amphitheatre holds 20,000 people
which is over 2000 years old and still hosts open- air classical, ballet and opera festivals today. In the centre of town the impressive mosque stands alongside the statues and a waterfall leading to extensive shopping in the tree lined boulevards. A short
drive from the resort to spectacular waterfalls and riverside restaurants are a pleasurable shady retreat from the hot dry summers. Situated between Antalya and Side, Belek makes a quaint holiday destination with spectacular hotels.


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