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Medical Partners

Turkey is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. Most facilities have local and international accreditations, including the JCI (Joint Commissions International), JACHO (Joint Commission on Healthcare Organizations Accreditation), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and Western medical associations and facilities affiliations. As a result of well developed health infrastructure, there is no long waiting queues for any treatment. In Turkey there are stringent enforcements of quality, technological and medical requirements for both public and private health care. Turkey has become a destination of choice for medical tourists coming from countries such as England,Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, as well as Middle Eastern and Latin American countries. Akay Travel Service as being one of the oldest DMC’s enters to Health Tourism as a response to many requests from multiple markets and to get its fair share from this promising and well proven healthcare/travel system of Turkey. Akay Travel Service acts as an intermediary agent and connects the patients with the high quality healthcare clinics and hospitals. Turn your treatment into a dream holiday, recover both physically and mentally. One another importance of this segment is an alternative product for our partners and operators.



Harun Simsek Clinic

Medical Dental Turkey


SE Hair Clinic


Memorial Hospital Antalya


Dentgroup Dental Clinic