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Available From : This excursion is available from Side, Alanya

Duration: Full day
Includes:Transport, guide, Lunch.
Does not include: Drinks , swimming with dolphins, dive with sharks, photos…
Pick up time: 09:00 – 10:00
Drop Off Time: 17:30 – 18:30
Operated: April - October

Excursion for:Families & Adults
Excursion Type: Swiming, Activity, Adventure, Experience

Sealanya, it is a park that can be described as “Interactive Aquarium” in general definition.
After logging in, you will learn and watch the species of sea creatures in giant aquarium pools and then you will be able to swim in these aquarium pools with a mask and snorkel. At SEAPARK, which offers the opportunity to swim with thousands of tropical sea creatures in pool aquariums such as dolphin pool, Shark Pool, Manta pool, Coral Reef Pool. You will also have the chance to swim with dolphins, examine sharks with snorkels and masks, and love giant Manta fish.
In addition to these giant aquarium pools, there is a fresh water children's pool in our park. There is a fresh water lake and a 300 m long river. Our children's pool with children's slides, fresh water lake and river are units with a magnificent view where you can only swim and relax.
In addition, restaurants with magnificent views, cafe-bars will be at your service.