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Available From : This excursion is available from Belek, Lara, Kemer

Duration: Full day
Includes:Transport, guide, entrance of historical place
Does not include: Drinks, Lunch and other personal expenses
Pick up time: 01:30 – 05:45
Drop Off Time: 22:30 – 23:50
Operated: April-October

Excursion for:Families & Adults & Children & Groups
Excursion Type: History, Culture, Shopping

Land of beautiful horses – Cappadocia, the historical name of the region in the east of Anatolia, in modern Turkey, has been visited since ancient times to the present day. It was established of volcanic origin; the underground city, characterized by an extremely interesting landscape. Extensive cave monasteries and historical places ince the days of the early Christians.
Kapadokya – a continental climate with 1000 m above sea level, rivers, the plateau devoid of vegetation. Cappadocia has a unique geology. Her structure of the soil with deep cracks and dips were important and significant during the formation of mountains. Conflict of two opposing forces occured during Cenozoic about 65-62000000 years ago.

Volcanoes rising to the surface, so there was a line of new volcanoes became a Magma. These explosions peaked activity (approx. 70 million years ago) and occurred in the late Miocene period. Lava ground dips, hills and valleys downstream, it covers the region and gives a view of the plateau. So extinct volcanoes, lava flows and cones had hills pyrite gray ash and debris deposits pressed. It was characterized by the following term erosion and weathering.  Rocks were destructed by the Cappadocia sharp continental climate with sudden and significant temperature and  with the impact of heavy rains and river water and ice, that contributed to the destruction of rocks. Bizarre forms and shapes of stone pillars in the form of extreme values - thus the famous "stone pillars"  and the peribacaları (fairy chimneys" of Turkish) were established.